Karafull concept

What is Karafull
A workout studio based on karate.

Sustainability & mindfulness is our theme.
Face yourself now and build a sustainable body, mind and spirit for the future.

Not only will you train your muscles, but you will also get the right posture, balance and beauty.

Let’s begin!
kalafull life

Normal class

There are first half class and second half class, and continuous participation is also possible.
After joining, we will have a workout menu in karate.
* On Saturdays, you can wear clothes other than karate as long as you can exercise.

If you would like a one-coin experience, please contact us in advance.

7 types of workout menu
1.Recommended by doctorsBeauty stretch
2.Basics of thrusting, kicking, and avoiding
3.Wear karate movements while moving.
4.Refresh by poking a mitt and punching a punching bag
5.Two kinds of beauty training that becomes a beautiful posture
6.Karate’s pronoun “KATA”. A beautiful posture with a beautiful karate KATA!
7.Study of karate movement with light sparring
* During workouts, take breaks as appropriate.
Seven types of workout menus are exhilarating karate workout menus that create a beautiful body and posture.

The calorie consumption for one workout is about 400 to 700 kcal.
Donut: 1-2 pieces 
Soba : 1-2 cups 
Rice  :230~400g (About 1.5-2.7 cups)

B class

B class is a dream beauty class that is the ultimate in beauty!

This is a yoga stretch that creates a beautiful posture and a core make-up class that creates a beautiful body, which is essential for beauty.

This is a special workout class that is highly recommended for improving shoulder blade peeling, stooping, stiff shoulders, leg swelling, poor circulation, curly shoulders, back pain, etc.
We will also teach fascia release.

* Men can also participate.

Personal class

・ I want to succeed in dieting in a short period of time
・ I’m interested in karate / kickboxing, but it might be a little difficult to practice with everyone.
・ I want to have a menu that suits my pace / ability
・ I want to train according to my purpose (strengthening a specific part / diet)

Personal is a complete advance reservation system. For reservations, please contact us directly or use the inquiry form.

■Short-term diet course

To a super beautiful body that commits to the desired body 3 to 10 times!
・ We will give you a small notebook.
・ We propose nutritional management and optimal diet workouts.
* We also manage meals and nutrition once a day on LINE.
Workout image

14,000 yen once~/h

The standard calorie consumption for one workout is about 750 to 1500 kcal.
* Because it is personal, the practice menu differs depending on the person, so the above is a rough guide.
Donut: 2-4 pieces 
Rice  :450~800g (3~6杯)

Workout menu example
・ Core training on a balance ball
・ KARAFULL! Type power training (2 types of abdominal muscles, 2 types of planks)
・ Half squat
・ Punching mitt
・ Water dumbbell exercise
Recording & nutrition advice
・ Keep a diary for each meal
* There are no dietary restrictions.
・ Check the diary, explain the lack of nutrition and overdose, and propose a meal menu.

3 actual product examples
Women who have been personalized three times have the following results:
・ Waist 70 cm ⇒ 61 cm
・ Thigh 63 cm ⇒ 53 cm

■Super stretch course

We will teach you the secret of hip flexibility, not only for those who are stiff, warped hips, and rolled shoulders, but also for how to prepare the pelvis after childbirth.

One time 7,000 yen
   8,000 yen/h

・ By increasing the range of motion of each joint, the body becomes easier to burn fat.
・ Some people can feel the effect at once by performing effective stretching for warped waist / rolled shoulder / pelvic correction.

■Martial arts personal course

For players who are preparing for the match and those who want to learn karate / kickboxing personally

One time 7,000 yen/h


The classroom is open 10 minutes before the lesson starts.
You can participate even in the middle of the lesson.











Regular classes on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays will be worked out in karate.
Regular personal and Saturday classes allow you to work out in athletic clothing.

* On Wednesdays, B-class will be the main workout.