Top instructor IPPEI HIRANO


Favorite words
【I like what although Nare good】

I love nature, I love Japanese martial arts and martial arts around the world, and I like playing almost every sport.
If I have a chance, I would like to challenge extreme sports.

I think “I want to cherish the connection between people”, and I am telling you that it is important to be polite and to thank people.
For that reason, the dojo students are exercising while respecting each other in a peaceful atmosphere.
I myself am delighted that the dojo students grow up every day.
Furthermore, because we want a diverse society on a daily basis, we face each and every dojo student with various personalities on a daily basis.
We value compliance because we are in a position to teach power and skills.

Martial arts history

Active black belt 5 steps!
Experienced in requesting kickboxing instruction from Minato-ku, Tokyo.

My father starts learning karate and boxing for karateka and professional boxers
“Elementary school to high school”
Learned Kendo and won the Tokyo tournament twice
“high school”
Joined a boxing gym and launched a wrestling club. Dedicated to four exercises: karate, boxing, wrestling, and kendo
Acquired a black belt of Okinawa Karate among students
Practicing many martial arts such as full contact karate, judo, aikido, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, etc.
Learn the world’s martial arts
“Studio opening”
Started as International Aiki Jiu-Jitsu Karate Bushinkai
Joined JFKO, a public interest incorporated association
23 years of operation experience as a karate dojo, 10 years of coaching kickboxing
Contributes to numerous champion discharges and health / diet

23rd Anniversary Photo